About Us


Founded in 1995, Sports & Entertainment Promoters of America (S.E.P.A.), Inc. is a a full service professional management and representational company that provides services to athletes, personalities, and professionals in the performing arts.  S.E.P.A., Inc. provides assistance and guidance to professionals seeking to advance or enhance their careers in the sports  and entertainment industries. When you MAKE THE RIGHT MOVE with S.E.P.A. you acquire the services of a company that can enhance your career; develop promotional and campaign events and endorsements; and manage your travel and leisure needs.  S.E.P.A, Inc. provides travel management and destination services through the SEPA Travel Club, and promotional and marketing services to individuals through the Events Planning Division.   In 2011, the company established the SEPA Education Foundation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to provide scholarships to students.  The company is divided into four groups:

  • Sports Management Division;
  • Entertainment Management & Event Planning Division;
  • The SEPA Travel Club; and
  • The SEPA Education Foundation.

Our mission is to provide complete and unique professional services that synergizes the provision of management and representation services to sports and performing arts professionals.  We aim to build a lifetime relationship with each of our clients. To accomplish this goal, we make a personal and professional commitment to treat our clients like family and partners. We aspire for all our clients to be financially secure and prepared for life after their careers.

Our Principles:

  • Professionalism
  • Career Enhancement and Development
  • Honesty and Integrity


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